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Divine Union ~ Twin Flames
Sacred Relationships!
With Your Favourite Twin Flames
Lee-Anne & Cory
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During the period prior to meeting your Divine Union in the physical sense, you both connect with each other a lot, especially during your dream state.
This is because the souls of both people are ‘meeting’ up during the state of sleep. They are helping prepare the way, the are also spending some time together, which means in truth, Divine Union souls are never ever apart.
You may experience visual dreams where you remember connecting with someone. You may have been given a clear image of how they look or a certain feeling you will get when you reunite.
Other times you may be given just a couple of features or feelings. This is very normal, because often we aren’t told or shown exactly who they are or how we will reunite.
Through meditation visions we can also connect with our Divine Union. You may see obstacles in your way or things you need to do to help you prepare for this love to enter your life.
Sometimes these visions can be very healing and if we see them as a sign, then this will help a lot.
“Years ago I remember dreaming of a setting, and I recall looking over to a window and seeing the back of a man. I seemed to know him and walked over and gave him the longest hug from behind.
I never saw his face, but now I am with my Divine Union I know it was him. He was reminding me of our love and the special connection we share.”

Songs, tunes and music also seem important as we prepare to reconnect with our Divine Union. Songs with lyrics that seem to be written just for us by our love, is another great sign that they are not far away. The memories of this sacred love are important to help you live your life whilst you wait for each other.
“I need to hear you say...
That I love you ... I have loved you all along.
And I forgive you For being away for far too long.
So keep breathing... 'Cause I'm not leaving you anymore
Believe it .... Hold on to me and, never let me go”
Lyrics - Faraway, Nickleback