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As you prepare to reconnect with your Divine Union it will be important to consider your ‘self healing’ regime.
Lee-Anne & Cory are firm believers in everyone being able to heal themselves. This means having the ability to change anything that isn't working on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Yes, sometimes we need a boost and some help to move past certain obstacles in our life, but we all have the power to help ourselves.
Here are some tips from Lee-Anne & Cory for your self healing:
Meditation or simply, calming the mind, is very important for your own self healing. Meditation doesn’t need to be complicated, or you don’t have to ‘reach’ a particular ‘state’ to meditate. To meditate is to expand your mind and thoughts to something beyond your worries, concerns and problems.
To calm your mind, you will first need to become aware of your thoughts.
“Think each thought like it is written in the sky for the whole world to see, for it is. When you listen to your thoughts, then you will know who you truly are.” Ramtha
Pay attention to and focus on what you are thinking, saying, feeling and doing as much as possible. This will help ‘anchor’ you into this present moment in time.

Taking action
When you have an idea or when you are inspired to do or say something, please take action. This may sound like something very simple, and it is, however, so many people struggle to find the courage to take action for their own truth.
Often we feel we have to be someone else around others, then we are not being our true self.
Consider how your life is right now... Are you happy? If not, what can you do to change how you feel about life? You can choose to dwell on the past, on what may be, on your fears and worries... Or.... You can make a conscious decision to make changes, maybe in the way you think, and then take action. Dont put things off until ‘tomorrow’ or ‘when I ...’ Take action now...
Then you will ensure that you are in the perfect place, in the perfect space, at the most perfect time, when that moment comes to reconnect with your Divine Union...

Hands to heal
You can channel through the healing energy of love, and the Universe through the power of your hands. All you have to do is ask your hands to fill with healing light, then place them on your body to help boost your energy levels, ease pain, or strengthen your protection shield.