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Divine Union ~ Twin Flames
Sacred Relationships!
With Your Favourite Twin Flames
Lee-Anne & Cory
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Here I am!
You have reconnected with your Union, congratulations. You are most likely in a state of complete and utter bliss and love.
If distance is still a problem to begin with try and make the best of it. If you are in physical contact (by phone, email or some physical connection), you can make the most of your time by healing and releasing old separation issues.  Because the joy of union is so strong, it can often bring with it a deep sadness, a wondering of where have you been for so long. There is a deep remembering and an often an opening of pain.
Together you can work through it. Meditations, talking and nurturing each other as much as possible, yes, even via distance, will help you both get through this time. You will get through it, just keep your communications open, if you have insecurities or fears arise, write them down, talk about it and allow the old energy to move away. You no longer need it anymore, because you are now united. You have been drawn together again.
Together you can create miracles, and this continues to be true at the beginning when you first reconnect. When the love is so new, yet so ancient. When you know when your other half is thinking of you, you can feel it. You can feel when they hug you, and even kiss you via distance.  You can feel rushes of love enter your body. The feeling is incredible.

Lee-Anne recalls;
‘When I first reconnected with Cory, within the first few days my heart was so full of love I had to spread it around my body, and then share it out to the world. This love needed grounding, I felt I had to do lots of nature walks and not much sleeping or eating. My body began to menstruate immediately, totally out of normal cycle. For 10 weeks, before Cory came to live in Australia, I slept on average about 3 hours a night, and ate next to nothing, just drank lots of water and forced bananas down. I was being nourished with love. I lost some weight, and when Cory came here, we weighed the exact same amount.
I was glowing, and when I would go to the store, people would stop and turn around just to see me. Cory reported the same reactions when he went out.
We longed to be together, the separation was unbearable. Time became odd. After 1 week it felt like a year... We knew each other so well.’