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Divine Union ~ Twin Flames
Sacred Relationships!
With Your Favourite Twin Flames
Lee-Anne & Cory
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Maintaining Union
This should come fairly easily to most Unions. With Union sacred relationships comes an acceptance that is so incredible.
Remember that we are still here in the physical in human bodies, and often this can feel quite restricting.  Also, that the two of you have established personalities based on your earlier life experience in this lifetime. These can both be obstacles that surface for you.
To help you maintain a healthy, loving and pure connection. It is recommended that:

You keep communication connections open

Self reflect and recognise your own ‘reflections’ of hurt and pain in your life

Allow time for self when needed

Nourish the relationship, by doing things, having discussions etc that interests you both

Meditation, especially meditations devoted to twin flame / sacred union

Spend good quality time together, make time

Look for ways to nurture and nourish your relationship in ways that you both enjoy