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Divine Union ~ Twin Flames
Sacred Relationships!
With Your Favourite Twin Flames
Lee-Anne & Cory
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Our Story
It started many years ago in this lifetime.  Prior to Cory being born on this Earth he used to ‘visit’ Lee-Anne as a child. They connected in very subliminal ways, and when Lee-Anne was 9, Cory was incarnated on Earth on the other side of the world.
During Cory’s early years he recalls occasionally hearing a female voice calling his name, upon investigation there would be no-one around. It wasn’t until Cory reconnected with Lee-Anne and heard her gentle singing voice that he new it was her calling out his name all those years ago.
At the end of 2008 Cory and Lee-Anne reconnected and ‘remembered’ their love for each other.
Prior to this time Lee-Anne was married and with her partner for almost 15 years. They had two beautiful children together. During this ‘soul mate’ relationship, things were hot and cold and there was more of a ‘brotherly’ feeling, than a ‘love’ feeling for Lee-Anne. During the last year of their marriage it became more and more unstable, and Lee-Anne knew that changes were in the air.
For Cory, he was caring for his mother who was bedridden for several years until her passing in 2009. Cory led an isolated life, deciding many years ago that he would not be bothered with a relationship, because so many around him were built on insecurities and disconnection from each other.
During the 3 months before Lee-Anne & Cory’s reconnection some amazing things happened.
Cory was led to Lee-Anne’s ‘Temple of Balance’ website in the strangest of ways. He felt like he wanted to try a distant healing session, which he booked, and Lee-Anne did his session like she would with any other client.
Exactly 3 months later to the date their love was rekindled....
However, during this time for Lee-Anne there was growing restlessness in her marriage, and she began to ask spirit constantly for ways to help her out, but without causing too much hurt for her partner and the family. Leaving just seemed too hard at times. During these times of desperation, spirit would tell her that ‘it’s not long now...’
After dreaming of her ‘other half’ on and off over the past decade, Lee-Anne knew that this message meant her ‘union’ was coming.
One day in mid December 2008, Lee-Anne channeled Cory’s spirit guide in the form of a drawing. During this drawing, Lee-Anne had the strangest feeling that a part of the guide was her. She shrugged this feeling off. After an email to Cory expressing to him that she had finished his drawing, he asked her to share her feelings on a meditation journey he had experienced recently.
Later that night they met on a ‘real time’ text chat on Lee-Anne’s community. Here Lee-Anne ‘tuned in’ to Cory’s vision, and vision’s flashed in of past lives they had led together over thousands of years. This opened up a huge floodgate of love, memories and feelings that at first were very overwhelming, but with grounding, they were very liberating.
Only a week earlier, Lee-Anne had woken up one morning and had the terrible job of telling her husband at the time, that it was ‘over’.
That week so many people’s lives changed.
For Lee-Anne & Cory it has been the best journey of them all. To finally come together again, and be able to live together is a constant blessing for them.
Within 10 weeks of the ‘reconnection’ Cory was on a plane to Australia, where he has been ever since.
Your divine union couple live happily in Tasmania, Australia...
             They have a lot that they need to accomplish in this lifetime, and that they will do. For                           coming together like this does not just serve them, it also helps the greater                                                            good of the world.
                   Their mission together continues to grow...
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