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Freedom By Choice!!
Divine Union ~ Twin Flames
Sacred Relationships!
With Your Favourite Twin Flames
Lee-Anne & Cory
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Twin flame clearing....

Two souls connected, Two souls who know,
Two souls whose purpose is, To find each other and glow.
Between you is a cord, that connects you through and through,
For a while this cord lay dormant, waiting for the perfect moment to pursue.

Your other part of self, that your soul is searching for,
Could be at the other side of the world, or tomorrow come knocking at your door.
However your destined meeting is, be sure and know this to be true.
That when your eyes meet and your hearts unite, you’ll know this is soul is the only one for you.

Allow your self to remember, of that one who holds you tight.
That one who truly understands you, and makes your entire being know it’s right.
Back in your time of separation, when love was all you sort.
But in the waves and waves of pain, this love began to distort.

The pounding seas crashed down, on that pure heart of yours.
As you sat within the boat, frantically searching for the oars!
Time began to take its toll, whilst crashing through the waves.
Always searching blindly for, the one you gave away.

Know within your heart of hearts, you had to experience the journey.
So you could both come back full circle, and find where you held the key.
The journey was long and painful, there’s no denying of that fact.
Your heart so cold and lonely, for the one you made a pact.

The connection never went, it never faded in the dark.
No matter how distant you may seem, you have never truly been apart.
Open your heart again, for the time is upon you now.
For the re-membering of the love, who long ago you took a vow.

You vowed you’d find each other again, no matter what obstacles in your way.
And one day, followed by your heart, this soul is here to stay.
United at last, beyond all things, the love you feel so strong.
For this was all because, no one can ever break your love bond.

Let your hurt and pain go, expand your heart and your knowing.
Fully surrender and trust that where you are right now, is just where you need to be going.
Clear all obstacles in the way, find a way around and over them.
Take action when you’re guided to, allow all old hurts to mend.

When the hurt and pain drop away, and the time is absolutely right.
You will be held tight in the arms again, and you can hold with all your might.
Whether the time is perfect to hold your love, right now or long ago.
Know in spirit love remains, that connection is never broken.

If one is ready and the other is not, this breaks the hearts of those,
For their choice has been to deal with pain, until the thorn turns into rose.
Then two hearts unite as One, together in perfect union.
A knowing, a trust, a feeling beyond words, that brings absolute free – dominion.

Together at last, the suffering gone...
Stand up, stand tall, this is YOU.
Two souls merged as ONE,
Your reconnection has just begun....

©Lee-Anne 1/6/09
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