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Divine Union ~ Twin Flames
Sacred Relationships!
With Your Favourite Twin Flames
Lee-Anne & Cory
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What is Divine Union?

We have many soul mates, and soul mates are usually a karmic based relationship.  ‘Karmic based' means that we have karmic debts or lessons to learn from the other person. Usually they have as much to learn as we do from it. A soul mate relationship can be very loving, but also hot and cold, like a love / hate relationship. Often there is not a strong spiritual connection with a soul mate. Usually there is a physical connection, however, when the spiritual aspect is lacking, this eventually effects everything.

A Divine Union / Twin flame, is someone who is a ‘mirror’ of our soul or spirit. There are different 'levels or layers' of twin flames and the highest form takes us to one single soul or spirit that was split in two and formed 2 or more beings.

A Divine Union relationship is connected on every level... physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Divine Union’s, no matter how far apart they are, are drawn to each other.  This ‘drawing’ will ultimately lead to a ‘reconnection’ in the physical sense. Often the connection is felt years prior to the physical connection. The souls of the Union couple connect spiritually and energetically almost constantly. Through dream visions, meditations, feelings, sensations and intuitions, helping strengthen the union’s connection, and also helping pave the way for reunion.

During the current evolution on the planet, we are now able to sustain these high vibrational love relationships. This was possible many milleniums ago. However, due to the denseness the planet and inhabitants gained, this type of relationship disconnected, and we became ‘trapped’ within the wheel of karma. Thus, we formed karmic based relationships. A relationship based on cause and effect.